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How do you aim Carrom Shots? Best Guide for Beginners

Are you a beginner and facing problems while playing shots in the Carrom game? If so, don’t worry I will teach you how to perfectly aim carrom shots like a pro.

I have been playing Carrom for a while, and practicing different shots for hours. I guarantee you that after learning all the aspects of aiming in Carrom, you will never have those problems. 

So my friends in the carrom game, it requires precision, accuracy, and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics. 

Today In this guide, I will discuss various techniques on how to aim carrom shots that will help you to up your game and achieve success.

How do you aim carrom shots? (Aiming Techniques)

There are some basic and advanced techniques that I have practiced for more than 7 years. But today I will show you what are the basic techniques you need to learn as a beginner.

To improve your aiming skills, focus on implementing the following techniques:

A. Body Positioning and Alignment

The key factor of accurate aiming Is proper body positioning and alignment when you play shots. Follow the techniques provided below for perfect body alignment.

  • To stabilize your position, first stand with your feet hip-width apart, and ensure the board position is also stable and balanced. 
  • Try to maintain an upright Posture, with your upper body slightly leaned forward.
  • Align your body according to the short you want to play.

B. Focus on the Target

Focusing is the second most important factor after you stabilize your body position. When you play shots, it is crucial to maintain the focus on the target pocket. I have sorted some points in the below section.

  • Before releasing your sticker and hitting the carrom men, take a moment to visualize the shot and ensure a clear mind.
  • Also, relax your grip on the striker and try to allow it to move freely. It will give you an accurate result.

Importance of Aiming in Carrom

As a professional player for more than 7 years, I have learned many aiming techniques and I can convince you that aiming plays a significant role in achieving in carrom.

By mastering the art of aiming, you can easily control your actions and perfectly finish the board from Carrom coin to pocket the queen.

Precise shots can give you the advantage of setting up game-winning moves and outsmarting your opponents.

Aiming Methods in Carrom

There are various aiming methods in carrom, each suitable for different situations. But I have listed only the basic methods for beginners. Here are three popular methods:

1. Center-of-Mass Aiming

In this method, first, target the center of the carrom men. Only you have to find the point of the Carrom men and draw an imaginary line that connects to the target pocket.

This technique requires daily practice and can be particularly useful for beginners like you.

2. Bank Shots

Some beginners play banking shots when they are out of their aiming reach. They try to pocket the coins like a miracle.

But you don’t try this type of miracle because it results sometimes in your favor or sometimes not. As a professional player, I suggest you that play Bank shots only when you require them.

Bank shots are played in a situation when you need to remove your opponent Carrom’s men from their aiming reach by pocketing your coins or taking your men to your aiming reach.

Other Shots

Some other aiming shots you can learn to increase your knowledge. These include side shots, straight shots, and ricochet shots.

Always experiment with different aiming methods to find what works best for you and practice them more and more to suit your playing style.

Final Words

So, my friends, you learned all the aspects of aiming in carrom. My suggestion is to implement all these techniques and practice daily to increase the focus on the mechanism of the game.

You can improve and succeed in the carrom game by adopting strategies like body alignment, concentrating on your goal, and learning various aiming skills.

So, grab your striker, align your body, and get ready to unleash your aiming prowess! 🎱🎯

FAQs and Answers

First, focus on the target pocket and the point of the carrom coin, and next hit the striker at that point.

Stand high on your feet and lean to the carrom board while playing shots.

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