10 Best Carrom Aiming Techniques

10 Best Carrom Aiming Techniques for Beginners in 2024

Are you searching for the 10 Best Carrom Aiming Techniques to defeat your opponent easily? Don’t worry finally you have come to the right place.

In this article, I provided 10 top-notch carom aiming techniques that help you to increase the win rate.

10 Best Carrom Aiming Techniques for Beginners

By following these advanced techniques you can easily improve your aim & challenge your opponent with full of confidence. Here are a few techniques that you can try:

1. Make a Straight Line Your Aim

Shooting in a straight line is one of the most effective aiming techniques that you can follow. Instead of using any complex strategies, if you learn these types of simple techniques, it helps you to improve your gameplay.

Place Your Aim on a Straight Line

To follow this technique you have to align your throwing arm in a straight line and hit the selected carrom coins towards the selected pockets with the help of a striker. This technique is generally used when aiming for corner pockets.

2. Enhance Aim by Using a Short Curve

It is also a great way to improve your aiming technique. These techniques are also beneficial for both beginners and pro players. Here are the simple steps to utilize curve short easily.

Improve Aim with a Curve Short
  • At first, You have to place your arm in the desired direction of the curve.
  • After that, you have to flick your wrist slightly to adjust the direction of the shot.

This technique is also used to outsmart your opponent’s defenses or to hit difficult-to-reach pockets.

3. Aiming a Drop Shot

A drop shot is one of the underrated shorts in the game of Carrom. Beginner players generally avoid these short.

I have been playing the carrom game for a long time and from my standpoint if any beginner player masters this technique they can easily outmaneuver their opponent without giving them any chance.

To execute Drop Short, you have to release the sticker at the same time as the puck. It might sound simple, but you have to practice this short regularly to get the timing right.

4. Practice Various Shots

There is no quicker way to master a skill. So, team up with friends, practice, and try various shots practically to understand the game’s mechanism properly.¬†

  • Try different angles, speeds, and flicks to find which one works better for you.
  • Keep in mind, that practice is the key to success.

5. Give proper Force on the Striker

It’s crucial to hit the sticker with the right amount of force. If you hit the sticker with heavy force it can break the rhythm of the game and if you hit it with less amount of force it will be considered a weak shot.

So it’s always important to hit the sticker with the right amount of force to increase your accuracy in the game.

6. Move the striker using your index finger

Practice moving the sticker, using your index finger to get an extra benefit while playing the game. The index finger helps you to place the shorts more smoothly.

I have seen that many professional carrom players prefer to play Carrom with the Index finger.

7. First focus on the Board Pocket

Before taking any shorts take a moment to visualize the board to pocket carrom coins easily. It will help you build your focus while playing the game.

Align your shots one after another more accurately and increase your chances of winning the game.

8. Use a Proper Grip

Before taking any shorts, place the sticker properly between your thumb and index finger and grip with the rest of those fingers. Try to gently grip the sticker to control it, so you can easily release the sticker without any miss.

This gripping technique will help you to take any shorts correctly. So, practice every day and gain these types of little psychological points.

9. Imagine the Coin’s Line to the Pocket

Before taking shorts try to visualize the sticker & coin path to get the extra benefit of the game.

The more you spend time with the game the more you learn. So, practice every day and gain these types of little psychological points.

10. Developing a Rhythm

Rhythm and consistency are the two key factors for developing aim easily. Practice the same shot over and over again to develop muscle memory.

Focus on releasing the carrom piece at a consistent speed to improve your accuracy & the chance of winning.

Final Words

Being a professional carrom player, I share some advanced but simple points on carrom aiming techniques to help beginner players improve their aim. If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends who love to play carrom very much.

After all, if you didn’t understand any of these topics, feel free to comment below our team will reach out to you with a simple answer as soon as possible. Thank You.

FAQs and Answers

Yes, positioning your body properly while taking any shorts is the most important thing that you have to follow

Yes, beginners can start with basic techniques like the straight-line aim and the center-of-mass aim.

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