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Can I earn money from Carrom Pool in 2024? Top 10 Methods

Hey Mate, Do you want to earn money from Carrom Pool in 2024? If the answer is “Yes”, don’t worry you are in the right spot.

Being a professional carrom player, I have constantly earned money by playing carrom pool & also with some other activities. If you want to do the same join me on this profitable journey Now.

Simple Steps to Earn Money From Carrom Pool

Earning money from carrom pool is quite simple. Just understand how the game works, learn some techniques, and use some trick shots that help you to increase the win rate.

Here are a few methods you can use to make money by playing this game:

1. Earning Money By Selling Game Accounts

Accounts Selling is the most popular option in the carrom pool when you want to make some money from this game. Many players are sick of getting high profile carrom pool account.

You must have 1 million coins in your account to sell it. To sell your account go to the different Facebook groups of Carroom Pool and offer them. Show them your account overview and coins amount.

2. Creating Carrom Pool Content

Another effective way to earn money from Carrom Pool is by creating content related to the board game. Below, I’ve shared some ideas that you can use to make money digitally with this game.

  1. You can create video tutorials and publish them on YouTube or Facebook to generate income through ad revenue.
  2. You can write a detailed guide about this game and publish your content by creating websites, that also help you generate income through ad revenue.
  3. You can also earn money by doing affiliate marketing. Create your affiliate link, sell some carrom gadgets, and earn money easily.

3. Earn by Digital Marketing

There are some methods of earning money from the Carrom pool in digital marketing. Selling carrom passes and golden shots is one of them. You have to be a professional to enter this market.

To become a successful marketer in this field, you should have a Facebook page or group, and a bank card (Debit or Credit).

What you need to do is, ask them to give their account and purchase the carrom passes from your Google Play balance.

4. Selling Carrom Pool Merchandise

Suppose you have a loyal audience or are associated with an active carrom community. In that case, you can create and sell your merchandise, such as shirts with cardboard prints or your carrom gadgets, to generate some income easily.

Also, you can go to any Facebook group related to Carrom Pool and message the group members directly to buy the merchandise.

5. Engaging in Sponsorships and Partnerships

Sponsorships and Partnerships are the most effective ways of making money through the carrom pool game.

Big brands always find influencers to collaborate with, so if you have a significant fan following capitalize on this opportunity to earn something.

6. Earn Money Through Tournaments

One of the main ways to earn money from Carrom Pool is through participating in tournaments organized by the Game.tv website.

These tournaments offer players the chance to compete against other talented individuals for substantial cash prizes. By showcasing their skills and strategies, players can increase their chances of securing the top spots and earning cash rewards.

7. Make Money by Coaching Beginners

Some beginners offer money to pro gamers to master the game. If you are a pro in this game, you can start your services on many freelancing platforms.

Start meeting on Google Meet and teach them by sharing your screen. Make understand them how the trick shots are played on the Carrom Pool. Also, teach them how to handle tough situations.

8. Transfer Coins & Earn

Another popular method of earning money in the Carrom Pool game is selling coins. Transfer the coins from your account to the buyer’s account and earn money. Fix an amount that you will charge for some amount of coins.

To start this business, find clients on social media platforms like Facebook, and Telegram. Join the groups and offer the admin to share some commission for posting this type of topic.

9. Challenge your friends

You can also earn by challenging your friends. Ask them to beat you in the game and win cash rewards. This method sometimes goes to the betting category, so we don’t prefer this method as much.

Just play for fun and challenge your friends to come and win money. I request you not to use this method for daily and regular income.

10. Reffer and Earn

You can earn money by refering this game to your friends and families. They provide a decent affiliate commission when you join other members through your link.

You can get up to 100 rupees per referral when anyone joins the carrom pool by your link.

Benefits of Earning Money from Carrom Pool

Explore some benefits of playing Carrom Pool from the below section.👇

Financial Rewards: Earning money by playing this game can significantly contribute to your overall income.

Recognition and Prestige: When you win tournaments with your skills & earn money using it, everyone notices you and younger players may look up to you, making it a proud and prestigious moment for you & your family.

Create a Small Business: After making money from the carrom pool, you can open a shop and sell carrom accessories to your customers. That can double your income.

Wrapping Up

In this comprehensive guide, I’ve outlined several key points on how to earn money from the carrom pool. I hope you read this article carefully. If you found this article helpful share it with your friends who want to earn something by playing it.

However, if you didn’t understand any of these topics, feel free to comment below, we try our best to give a reply as soon as possible. Thank you, and may you have a wealthy journey ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your earnings depend upon your skillset, the more you skillful the more you earn.

Carrom pool can be an income-generating job, but it requires commitment, talent, and an in-depth knowledge of the rules and tactics of the game.

Yes, there are risks with the process of earning money in the game. It could be a legal issue when it comes to sponsorships and content production.

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