Basic Rules of Carrom

What are the Basic Rules of Carrom? (Updated 2024)

Are your friends making you a fool when you are playing Carrom only because you do not know the basic rules of Carrom?😣 If so, you don’t need to worry about it.😉

It is most important to learn the basic rules before playing Carrom to win the game. If you do not know the carrom rules then you will never be successful in this game.

I promise you after reading this article, you can easily master those rules whether it is basic or advanced.😎

I will try my best to give all the information about the game’s rules and techniques. So, let us dive into the article.

What are the Basic Rules of Carrom?

Carrom is one of the games that doesn’t have an age limitation. Anyone from older people to kids can enjoy this game. They are not professional player and that’s why I am sharing my knowledge of more than 7 years with them.

In this article, I am going to add my expertise on the basic rules of carrom, essential for players of all levels.

1. Carrom Board Setup

Before playing, it is important to set up the Carrom board correctly. Here are the steps to follow:

A) Placement of the Board

To get perfect aim and position, the placement of the board is important on the ground or any other place. Place the board on a 4-leg stand for the perfect height of the board.

Placement of the Board

Balance all four sides of the board in a neutral position in such a way that Carrom men can smoothly go into the pocket.

To check whether the board is balanced or not place the striker vertically stand on the center. If it stands in the same position, then it is okay.

B) Placement of the Carrom Men and Queen

In the process of setting up the board, we need to place the carrom Queen first in the red-colored circle of the board. Then place one white coin and one black coin next.

Basic Rules of Carrom
Placement of the Carrom Men and Queen

Simultaneously by doing this, you can complete the placing process of Carrom men and Carrom queen.

Remember the white coins should be placed in a position where two coins should be in the targeted pocket at the time of first hit.

2. Rules of Scoring Points

In the basic rules of Carrom, when you pocket a Carrom man or the queen, you will earn a certain number of points based on your position on the board. The points are as follows:

  • Carrom Men: For each carrom coin pocketed into your half of the board, you earn one point in a 2 or 4-player game. In freestyle games, white coins are worth 20 points or somewhere 10 points, and black coins are worth 5 or 10 points by local rule.
  • Queen: You can get up to 50 points for the queen in the freestyle game. In a 2 or 4-player game, it is worth 5 points.

3. Striking the Carrom Men

It is also important to learn how to strike a carrom coin. To learn and practice these techniques follow the information:

  • Grab a striker and some carrom men: Hold the striker between your thumb and index finger, resting your other fingers lightly on the back for support.
  • Target the carrom man: Next, target the coin that you want to flick the striker to hit it and send it flying.
  • Get into position: Stand with your dominant foot slightly forward and bend your knees slightly. Hold the striker close to the edge of the board to perfectly aim the chosen carrom man.
  • Flick your wrist: Use a quick, snapping motion of your wrist to send the striker gliding across the board. It should hit the target carrom man with a satisfying “clack.”

A) Techniques for a Legal Strike

You need to follow specific guidelines to guarantee a legitimate strike. The following are important things to remember:

  • Striker Placement: The striker should be placed behind the queen, touching its edge.
  • Striker Contact: The striker must hit the carrom man without touching any other carrom men or the queen.
  • Striker Height: The striker should not rise above the height of the carrom men.
  • Striker Surface: The striker must touch the carrom man on its flat surface, not on the side or base.

B) Fouls and Penalties

When you hit the wrong carrom men or pocket the striker rather than coins, then it is called a foul shot. These shots are considered illegal and result in a loss of turn for the offending player.

As a penalty, a coin will be returned to the board. Also, if you pocket the queen unfairly or accidentally, the opponent receives the point for that carrom man and a penalty of 2 points. The penalty score is added to the opponent’s total, effectively reducing the player’s score.


So you learned the basic rules of carrom step-by-step in this article. To master these rules you will require a combination of attacking and defensive tactics. By targeting specific carrom men, skillfully using your striker, and employing defensive techniques such as blocking and utilizing the queen, you can increase your chances of winning.

FAQs and Answers

Carrom is a tabletop game, that can be played by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players. Coins of wood or plastic are used in this game.

The red rule is covering the queen with another coin after pocketing it.

Yes, you can use both hands while playing any shot that is impossible by the other.

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