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Top 10 Carrom Trick Shots For Beginners

Are you in search of the top 10 carrom trick shots for beginners? Don’t worry finally you have come to the right article.

Here we share some extraordinary easy-to-follow tutorials for you to master every shot effortlessly to outmaneuver your opponent with skill and confidence.

Top 10 Carrom Trick Shots for Beginners

I know you are very passionate about learning tricks shots to become a carrom expert and often beginner players make the same mistake of “diving straight into learning tricks without learning the basics first“.

I have been playing this carrom game for such a long time now and from my expertise it’s not the correct way for that.

10 Carrom Trick Shots

I covered some basic topics that you should learn first before getting into those advanced topics. Those basic topics are as follows:

I assume you already visited those recommended topics as I mentioned above. If you do so now it’s the time to learn trick shots in a detailed way.

1. Side Shot

There are two different ways to execute Side Shot. Below we provided those different ways specifically.

  • Used to Block Your Opponent Carrom Men: To execute this shot you have to hit the sticker in such a way that it can change the “direction” of your opponent’s carrom men sporadically, which makes it difficult for your opponent to score that particular coin into a pocket.
  • To Pocket A Carrom Men: You can play this shot in a specific way that it can go directly into your pocket from your opponent’s territory without giving a chance.

Practice this shot regularly to find a better version of it.

2. Board Shot

This shot is specifically for those who played Carrom at least for one year. To execute this shot you have to hit the sticker in such a way into those sides of a carrom board that it can hit the carrom men straight towards the pocket of your side.

3. Center Cut Shot

From a pro-gamer perspective, this is the most effective shot of all of them. This shot was especially used when Carrom men were located at the center of the board and you wanted to pocket them on the other side of the table.

In simple words, if you are on the right side try to hit the coins towards the left side and try to score at the right pocket.

4. Middle Shot/ First Strike Shot

This shot is specifically used to hit those carrom coins at the beginning of the game. To execute this shot successfully, gather all the carrom men at the center of the board and attempt to pocket two of them by taking one shot.

5. Double shot

The double shot is a classic trick shot that doesn’t require any fancy moves. Simply aim the striker directly at both your coins and strike them at the same time.

This trick shot is simple yet effective, as it can surprise your opponents and score two points in a single shot. Also, this short helps you to break your opponent’s chances in his next strike.

6. Cut and Take Shot

Cut and Take Shot is often used to move the Carrom men slightly according to your desired position. It generally helps you pocket carrom men in your next shot.

Practice this shot regularly to understand the mechanism of it practically.

7. Back Shot

I would suggest beginners use this shot only when the coin is out of reach of your aim. You have to hit the coin at the opposite side of the board, so the coin can be pocketed to the side pocket of the board. To get perfection on this shot you must practice regularly.

Being a professional carrom player, I would suggest another strategy for playing this shot is to block your opponent’s puck.

8. Alley Oop

This technique shines in doubles play, where strategic mastery is king. Unlike singles, you’re constantly on your toes, anticipating the unseen. This trick hinges on teamwork.

You finesse carrom men close to a pocket, setting the stage for your partner to effortlessly pocket it next turn.

Remember, overuse is a rookie mistake. Predictability is poison. Deploy this weapon sparingly, like a well-placed shot in a tense endgame, leaving your opponents baffled and your point tally singing!

9. Second Hit

The shot is generally used for pocketing those carrom coins that are out of reach. In simple words, here a carrom man blocks you from punching another one. As a result, you have to aim for pocketing those two carrom men at a single shot.

Set your aim in such a way that one carrom piece hits another and goes straight into the pockets.

10. Thumb Shot

The thumb shot is one of the common tricks that every carrom player uses. It is nothing but using your thumb fingers as an alternative for striking when your index finger starts to hurt after hitting the sticker for such a long time.

A thumb shot produces more force while striking which increases your chances of winning.

Why it’s so important to learn trick shots?

It’s so important to learn trick shots because it helps you to win any matches easily from your opponent’s table without giving them any chance. By practicing these trick shots you can improve your aim effortlessly and become a champion player in your friend circle & can get much-deserved respect from them.

You can also teach your friends how to be a great player, just like you and share this topic of “10 carrom trick shots for beginners“.

Note: If you want to experience this game on a digital platform you can visit and download a popular carrom game “Aim Carrom” for free.

Final words

Finally, you have reached the end of the page, and I hope you read this article carefully. Here I’ve shared the Top 10 Carrom Trick Shots For Beginners in simple words, I hope you understand it.

If you didn’t understand any of it feel free to comment below our team try their best to give a reply as soon as possible. “Thank You” and have a prosperous carrom Journey.

FAQs and Answers

As a beginner, it’s best to start from the mid-line position, which gives you a balanced view of the board and room to practice your shots.

Practice makes a player perfect! So, regular practice will help you develop your aim and control.

Yes, you can practice carrom on your own by using a board and a striker.

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