How are Carrom points calculated

How are Carrom points calculated? Best Guide in 2024

There are many theories on how are carrom points calculated in different regions. But today I will share the actual theory of calculation points in Carrom according to the Indian Carrom Federation.

So, if you are thinking why I am giving the source of Indian laws? Let me tell you that Carrom originated in the Indian subcontinent.

I can assure you that by reading this detailed article you can easily understand how are carrom points calculated.

How are Carrom points calculated?

There are two types of games played by players. One is freestyle and another is a full board game. I will share all the rules about point calculation whether it is freestyle or game board.

Please check the below section to get all the information related to the carrom points calculation.👇

1. Points Calculation in Freestyle Game

In this type of game, you can pocket any coin and score points from each coin whether it is black or white.

  • Black Coins: For each black coin you pocket, you get a minimum of 5 points and a maximum of 10 points varying on different regions.
  • White Coins: You get a minimum of 10 points and a maximum of 20 points for each white coin in the freestyle game.
  • Red Coin (Queen): By pocketing and covering the queen, you can get up to 50 points which can outrank your opponent’s points.

2. Points Calculation in Game Board

The game board is different from the freestyle where you can not pocket all the carrom meant and get points. This mod is played by 2 players or 4 players having partners.

Single Point Calculation

  • Black/White Coins: If you play with a partner means it is a 4-player game. Here, you and your partner need to pocket either all-black or all-white coins. For each coin pocketed, you will get 1 point.
  • Carrom Queen: You will get 5 points for the queen when you cover it and finish the game by potting all your coins (black/white). If you cover the red coin but are not able to finish the game, then you won’t get anything.

Calculating Total Points

The total points are calculated by adding the points collected from each game board finished. If you or your team won the game by finishing the single board match then the points go to you. Let’s talk about how we calculate those points.

  • For example, if your opponent has 4 carrom men remaining when you finish the board and he covers the queen, you will get 4 points (1 point for each coin)
  • If you cover the queen and also finish the game, then you will get 4+5 (queen’s point)=9 points.
  • By continuing this, when you reach 28 points (your opponent’s score should be 0 or nil) you will be the winner of the full game.
  • And if your opponent passes the nil score, then the point scenario is 29 points.


So, we learned all the basic and detailed rules on how are carrom points calculated. I think I have done a lot to make you guys understand. Still, if you are not able to get the rules and laws, please comment below so I can give more understandable guides to you.

And, also if you understand all these scenarios, then share them with your friends and relatives, so they can read and improve their knowledge.

FAQs and Answers

Here are some commonly asked questions about Carrom’s points and their answers:

Yes, there is a time limit on each player’s turn to make every shot in the majority of Carrom games. Generally, this time limit ranges from 10 to 30 seconds.

Players will score the same amount of points if they pocket the disc simultaneously. This is so that no player may claim it as their own since it is seen as a shared pocket.

No, a player cannot pocket the Striker. If it accidentally happened, it is called a foul shot and a coin will be returned to the board.

No, the freestyle mode is not applicable in any kind of tournament of Carrom.

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