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What are the game modes in the Carrom Pool? Best modes available in 2024

Are you facing the problem of choosing the game modes in the Carrom Pool? Carrom Pool is one of the games that has been getting continuous hype in recent years.

The parent company, Miniclip ensures that we can experience the gaming like real. The different game modes of this app attract the pool players so realistically.

If you are troubled to understand the modes available in this game, don’t worry! I will show you the different game modes and their features in this guidance.

What is Carrom Pool?

Carrom Pool is a digital game of Carrom that connects millions of online players and provides time-pass enjoyment to them. When you install and start playing the game, some coins will be given to you.

You can use those coins to play multiplayer matches, with friends and other modes available on this game. If you want to change the style of your carrom men, you can do that by purchasing those with the coins.

There is another special thing in this game is the pool pass. You can purchase a pool pass and get extra gifts and trophies than the non-pass user.

Different game modes in the Carrom pool

The available game modes in the Carrom Pool are 4 types: Play multiplayer matches, Play with your friends, Compete with top players, and Try your luck at the free daily golden shot and win big prizes.

1. Play multiplayer matches

There are 3 types of multiplayer modes available in the multiplayer matches. Explore those in detail in the below section.

  • Freestyle: If you’re new to Carrom Pool, this mode is perfect for you. In Freestyle mode, you can play against others freely, without worrying about strict rules. The advantages of this mode are that there are no specific rules, and players can create their strategies easily.
  • Carrom: This mode is a classic carrom game, where players try to pocket all the carrom pieces before their opponent. It is a test of skill and strategy.
  • Disc Pool: Disc Pool is a version of carrom whose goal is to pocket the discs instead of the carrom pieces. It offers a different challenge and gameplay experience.

2. Play with your friends

Carrom Pool allows players to enjoy the game with their friends. So, invite your friends, start a match, and show the stunning moves that you have learned so far.

3. Compete with top players

Players can also challenge top players in the game. By practicing against highly skilled individuals, you can learn their tactics and unique strategies to improve your own game and increase your chances of winning matches.

4. Try your luck at free daily golden shot and win big prizes

Carrom Poll offers a golden shot every day, that helps players test their luck to win exciting rewards.


What are the game modes in the Carrom pool? I hope you’ve already found the “answer” you were looking for. It’s my absolute honor to cover such an important topic for you. However, If any of the above topics are not clear to you, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, our team will try their level best to provide an answer as soon as possible. “Thank You” and have a wonderful carrom journey ahead.

FAQs and Answers

Multiplayer, Play with Friends, Compete with top players, and Golden Shot are the four game modes that are available in Carrom Pool.

Yes, you can play multiplayer matches with your friends in Carrom Pool.

Yes, Carrom Pool offers you daily challenges that you can use to improve your gaming experience.

By utilizing Golden Shots, you can easily win big prizes in the Carrom Pool.

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